RD200 is a smart radon meter that fast and accurate measures the radon concentration in the indoor environment. It is an excellent instrument for measuring the radon level prior to property sales, for documenting the radon level in rental housing, to evaluate the effect of measures against radon problems, survey public buildings or just to enable you to follow the radon level.

RD200 is more than 20 times more sensitive than other well-known meters in its price range. The pulse based ionization chamber gives an accurate radon measurement after just one hour of operation. The RD200 updates the measured value on the display every 10 minutes, so you can quickly see the effect of measures taken to lower the radon levels.


Sensor type: Pulse based ionization chamber
First reliable data : < 1 hour
Data Display Interval: Every 10 minutes (1 hour moving average)
Sensitivity: 1,35 cpm /100 Bq /m3
Operating range: 10°C ~ 40°C, RH < 90%
Range: 1 ~ 3700 Bq/m3
Precision: < 10% at 370 Bq/m3
Accuracy: < ± 10% (min. errors < ± 15 Bq/m3)
Power consumption: DC 12 ± 0,1 V, 65 mA (12V DC adapter)
Measure: Φ80 (mm) x 120 (mm), 240 g
Data Communication: Bluetooth LE (Android / IOS)
Data log: max. 1 yearDisplay: 0,96” OLED
Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.3 or higher
Bluetooth operating distance: < 10 meters